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Meet Maurica - Real Estate Marketer and Broker.

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Welcome to Niche Real Estate. Cookie cutter deals have no place here, where attention to detail means modern luxury, delivered.

The perfect home match isn’t found. It’s cultivated, by people who understand it and live it. Maurica Hurley is a real estate professional who deals in dreams, not bricks and mortar. Only someone who lives and breathes the South Florida lifestyle can sell it. Only someone who knows can lead a buyer to it. Behind every home sale is the spirit of her contemporary methodology branding, not dated procedures that fail to inspire. Every sale is a concierge transaction, anchored with someone’s piece of paradise in mind.

The Right Set of Heels

Real estate success has as much to do with marketing savvy as the home itself. The Niche Real Estate difference is in the woman behind the process. Maurica Hurley is a degreed marketer with a passion for real estate. To hire Maurica is to work with a seasoned professional who marries the vast knowledge of market statistics and real estate investing with a one-woman advertising agency. Without an understanding of demographics, target audiences, budgets and marketing plans, deals fall short of their full potential. Imagine having a tailor-made marketing plan just for your deal.

A Rhode Island native and sailing enthusiast, relocating to Naples in 2000 furthered Maurica’s fondness for beachfront real estate and the people who live in them. Niche Real Estate is the result of more than a decade of Maurica’s experience working with developers, builders and Naples real estate professionals. Amassing a skill set that bridge the gap between innovative and conventional real estate sales techniques.

Your Canadian Connection
I Call Toronto Home

A Buyer - Buying Real Estate

Bonita Springs Real Estate broker, Naples Real Estate Broker, Bonita Real Estate Marketing, Private Lenders, Naples Private Lending
Maurica has forged an understanding of the needs of Canadian real estate interests in the Naples area. She has built relationships to assist savvy Canadians who have discovered the value of owning property in Southwest Florida. Maurica has received training in Canadian real estate, which proves invaluable to Canadians who prefer working with representatives who can navigate this complex real estate specialty. Knowing that having a safe place to call home is the platform of thriving communities, Maurica is especially conscious of helping others. She is a supporter of PACE Center for Girls, the Naples Shelter for Abused Women & Children, the Garden of Hope & Courage, CHEF Scholarships, Opera Naples and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.

Selling Your Naples or Bonita Home

It takes a Marketer to Market

Maurica’s unique abilities include:
• Recognizing opportunities (Timing is everything)
• Quickly acting upon opportunities
• Leveraging experience (Partners and affiliates)
• Research (Collecting data to assist in making the right decisions)
• Digital solutions. (Leveraging new age tools)
Digitally Certified in Content Marketing, Social Media Management and SEO Management, Maurica is adept at using media to generate sales, including working with mobile platforms to reach targeted buyers incorporating video, social media and texting technology.